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North Shore Billet

Fox Fork Cable Guides

Fox Fork Cable Guides

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These finely crafted cable guides are the ultimate accessory for your Fox fork!

Now you can colour match your cable guide to the Red and Blue adjustment dials, your frame colour, your stem colour, pretty much anything!

Offered in Black, Gold, Pewter, Red, and Blue anodized finish.

Fox 32, 34, 36 Fork Cable Guides


  • 2008–2020 Fox 32, 34, and 36 Forks
  • 2014–2020 Fox 40 (Post mount brake)
  • 2019–2021 Marzocchi Bomber Z1, Z2, DJ and Bomber 58

Supplied with (1) M3 x 8 screw

Fox 40 Fork Cable Guides


  • All Fox 40 Forks until 2013 (IS Brake mount)
  • 2002–2007 Fox 32 & 36 Forks

Supplied with (1) M3 x 10 screw

Due to inconsistencies in anodizing, the pewter you receive may be different than the pewter you see on the screen or different from other pewter NSB items you may already own.

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