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Post Mount Disk Brake Adapter

Post Mount Disk Brake Adapter

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Adapter Size

NEW: Please refer to our table graphic in the images for the correct adapter size you need. 

Disc brake adaptors available for Shimano, SRAM, Hope, Hayes, Formula etc. rotors:

  • 180mm
  • 183mm
  • 185mm
  • 203mm
  • 220mm
  • 223mm

CNC machined from 6061 T6511 aluminum. Machined surfaces allow for better caliper alignment and a more rigid brake setup.

The Post Mount standard is universal for front and rear brakes.

Frames and forks that use the post-mount brake interface use a stock size varying from 160mm to 203mm. It’s important to check your frame and fork for the default post mount size before ordering a suitable adapter.

To calculate the size of the required adapter, subtract the frame/fork stock mount size from the desired rotor size.

If you’re using brakes with large calipers (Magura MT5/MT7, Hope Tech V4, Hayes Dominion A4 etc.), please also order a low profile (button head) bolt kit to ensure correct fitment.

Our disc brake adapters do not come with mounting bolts but if needed, we have sets of 4 bolts available.

Not currently compatible with TRP 203mm rotors.

Due to inconsistencies in anodizing, the pewter you receive may be different than the pewter you see on screen or different from other pewter NSB items you may already own.

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