Single Ring Domination

Ditch the front derailleur!
We’ll bet you spend most of your time in your middle ring anyway. Ditching the front derailleur means:
  • less handlebar clutter
  • less drivetrain parts
  • less maintenance
  • Increased ring clearance over obstacles and drops
  • lighter bike
1x10 and 1x11 systems make a ton of sense for those riding 27.5/650b and 29” wheel bikes. 
The NSB 1x Variable Tooth Chainrings uses a ‘Thin-Thick’ variable tooth thickness mated with a standard chainring tooth profile to help retain the chain on the front ring during all types of riding.  By increasing the tooth thickness on half of the ring’s teeth, the chain is given less room to move and virtually eliminates chain drop when running a single front chainring. 
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